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Client Acquisition System - Originally Sold For $7,800
This training is specifically designed to help you sell professional services like coaching, consulting, and agency work.

You'll discover how to deliver services without getting burned out, how to determine your
pricing, how to attract your ideal client, and more specifically ...HOW TO SELL.

The Magic Model - Originally Sold For $10,000

If you take a look at the folks who sell "How To Sell High Ticket" stuff today, chances are they took this training.

I can name two "big names" off the top of my head who sell this same information today ...for Hve Hgures and up.

Why pay  five figures for an imitation when you can get the original included in this bundle?

This training specially focuses on creating high-ticket courses ...and selling them with webinars.

The High Level Fellowship - Originally Sold For $7,600
This training focuses on two specific areas. The Hrst area is a deep dive into High Ticket Business Models ...ranging from one-on-one consulting to digital courses to done-for-you services ...and even masterminds.

The second area is about building online sales and marketing processes to get high ticket
customers ...with a deeper focus on automation.

This training was taught live ...and I only offered it twice. Sold out both times.

You get the complete recordings in this bundle!

Here's A Recap Of Everything You're Getting In The
High Ticket Sales Accelerator

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These Trainings Sold For $25,400
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  • Client Acquisition System Client Acquisition System ...Originally Sold For $7,800
  • The Magic Model ...Originally The Magic Model ...Originally Sold For $10,000 Sold For $10,000
  • High Level Fellowship High Level Fellowship ...Originally Sold For $7,600

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