We're on a mission to help coaches, course creators, service & providers start or grow their business to 6- 7 figures online.

Sales Cartel

Scale your coaching or service based business to 7-figures within 90 days at Sales Cartel.

A personalized 90-day roadmap and hands-on guidance on building the entire infrastructure to manage your business at scale.

Implement our scaling systems & paid strategies to hit the $5k+ /month mark with your business.

The solution for coaches, course creators & service providers who already have an offer (product or services), but want to scale it to the next level.

What We Can Do For You


We help you get clear on your niche, structure a high-ticket offer, pricing, coaching model, positioning, etc.
This way your audience resonates with your message and you will have an incredible impact.


A powerful and simple-to-implement traffic & content system that turns Facebook and Instagram strangers into high-paying clients.

Our organic & paid method of lead-attraction shows you exactly how to; build your audience with 5,000 qualified leads in 30 days, nurture your audience without wasting time and convert good percentage of them into sale calls and closing.


A solid method of selling your high-ticket offer, so that you can close with ease and consistency.
You get access to top-notch sales resources; sales framework, battle-tested follow-ups, conversation conversions, up-selling,  and more.


We show you the ropes and trenches of how to scale your  business to 7 figures. You get to see exactly how we scaled our coaching business to $10k/month organically & paid with Facebook & Instagram
You get access to the entire Sales Cartel resources, the back-end systems, the processes, and the automation.


Below you'll see our client's success as well as screenshots from our private mastermind group. We will let this information stand for itself! And yes, of course results will vary.

Mide : Generated over 6 million in sales

John : Founded Jimdesign, produced 7 figures online

Dammy : Crossed 3million in sales in less than 3months

Maureen : Founded LovingMassage & Generated over 7 figures online



Uche David



Oyejobi Adeola's results and the results you'll see from testimonials on this page are not typical. They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as a guarantee. Remember, business owner expenses, advertising, or promotional efforts will vary widely depending on goals and preference. Your own experience and results will vary greatly depending on your own choices, market conditions, work ethic, ability to follow instructions, take constructive criticism, and dedicate yourself to building something new and awesome. We don't promise or guarantee these explicit numbers

What Others Are Saying About The Academy


I've been looking for a program to help me start and scale my coaching business and Sales Cartel was recommended to me by a friend. I can say that it worth every penny! The program is well-structured, extremely informative and it's perfect for beginners and experts alike!


I recorded over $15k in 6 months. Oyejobi Adeola has been someone well guided in the online space and we consulted him to give us a bulletproof strategy for our offer. And that strategy have helped us produced over $25k in sales


After finishing the Sales Cartel program, I feel like I have been given the keys to unlock my full potential. The program is tailored to fit into your schedule and the resources is so well thought out. 

Join our thriving community of 6 & 7 Figure elite CEOs!

How Our Program Works




Are you ready?

As you can see from our testimonials, what we teach 100% works. That isn’t hype or fluff, it works and it has been proven to work by our clients.

It doesn’t matter what your background is or how much success or failure you’ve had in the past. We have worked with clients of all types from all kinds of different industries.

While nothing in life or business is guaranteed, we would love the honor to help you achieve your goals. We look forward to working with you!

Our Sales Cartel System...

Let's get started! The first step is a FREE strategy session with one of our online success coaches.


  • Freedom: Grow and scale your business AND create more time — what good is more money with no time?
  • Results: We take you by the hand through our core pillars... learn exactly what to do to reach your goals
  • Success: Step-by-step system designed to cover every aspect of building a successful business you can scale

Watch The Overview Video

Let's get started! The first step is a FREE strategy session with one of our online success coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's your success rate?

A: In as much as everything still lies on how serious you are; our courses are developed and produced from 11 years experience that have yield over N100m online.

Long story short if you don't like hard work and you blame others for where you are not a fit for you. If you want to follow someone who's done 8 figures in sales in less than 2 years you won't have any issue making a 6 figure income (even if your skills suck).

Q: What exactly do you help people with?

A: Here's a list of what we do...
- Help with ads
- Help to create a Converting Website
- Help to Create & Launch Online Course
- Help with high ticket sales
- Help with messaging
- Help with organic
- Help with paid traffic
- unlimited 1-1 coaching
... we work together on a 1-1 basis to build your business from top to bottom.

Q: Do you need to have a college degree to make a course?

No !!

Q: Do you have to be good with technology?

No I walk you through step by step on how to set everything up. Better yet i give you templates and documents that are all ready to rock and roll.

Q: Do you have to be a good salesman?

Not necessarily. I walk you through how to become a killer salesman in this course with recorded audio files, scripts, and examples.

Q: Can I pay you after I make money back?

No. If you can't bet on yourself I wouldn't bet on you either.

Success is achievable for anyone but it does come with sacrifice. If I allowed that I would be doing you a great disservice.

Q: If I purchase now can I start later?


Q: I don't have experience and don't know what my niche is.

That's ok we help anyone start from scratch

Q: What if I need to ask someone for permission.

It's always best to ask for forgiveness than permission. Take the leap and notify them later.
If you have to ask for permission from someone to be successful you will stay stuck. My family told me I was dumb for what I was doing and look at where I am today.